Monday, October 28, 2013

OMG I Won!

So before I signed with my agent in July I’d entered a contest.

Which contest you ask?

The 2013 Unpublished Maggie Award for Excellence contest hosted by:

When the news came in August that I was named a finalist in the Young Adult category, I couldn't believe it. My baby, the one I’d poured my heart and soul in, the one that gave me hand cramps because the ideas flowed faster than I could write them (I hand write my first drafts), my pride and joy MAGNETIC SHIFT had gotten me into the finals. So imagine my reaction this month when I saw my name pop up on my Twitter feed, tweeted by someone who was in attendance at the GRW Banquet when they were announcing the winners of the contest.

I skwee’d so loud my husband nearly had a heart attack. Shortly after I got the official phone call. The only words that I could muster were thank you, thank you, thank you while my mind kept screaming “YAY!!! My writing doesn't suck”…lol

When this beauty arrived in the mail, I got all teary eyed.

I will cherish this award forever. It's a symbol that I can look at every day and know that I can do this. I can accomplish this dream. And I will.