Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Only 7 Days Left

     The hubby and I are now seven days away from leaving for a road trip that we’ve been planning for years.

     A road trip to California.

     Many think we are nuts since our first destination is a four day drive away, but I’m looking forward to every minute of it.
     Our first destination being San Francisco where we plan to visit Alcatraz, the fisherman’s wharf and of course, the famous Golden Gate bridge. (as an X-men fanatic this is awesome or should I say ... Golden.)

     A drive through Modesto is a must for me. When I studied to become a law clerk, we did a mock trial of the Scott Peterson case. Our small class of seven was split in two, and I was on the prosecution. We studied the evidence, footage and anything we could find to present our case in front of a real judge who had donated his time and his courtroom for our learning experience. My side of course won. (Getting to watch our IT guy posing as Scott in the courtroom get carried away by a few friendly cops we coaxed in the hallway was a plus). This all happened a few weeks before the real verdict came in.

     Next, we move along to Los Angeles to spend a day at Universal Studios, visit the Hollywood sign and check out the famous stars of Hollywood boulevard. And maybe if there is time a drive by the Halliwell manor from the hit TV show Charmed.

     Then we head down to my favorite part of the Trip. Disneyland. (ahh ... the child in me) Four full days visiting where Walt started it all. That’s right girls, I’ll be meeting Flynn Rider. :)  

     Next is the bright lights of Vegas where we plan to see the Circle du Soleil show O. (Go figure, I live 2 hours from Montreal Canada, and I have to go all the way to Vegas to see them perform.)

     And last but not least, Chicago on the way home for the Supernatural Convention where I have tickets for a picture opportunity with none other than Misha Collins. Castiel in the flesh. Unfortunately, we won’t be there long enough to see some of the other main actors, but Castiel is my favorite, so I’m happy. :)

     This trip may put a damper on my writing progress with the new WIP, but who knows; I may see, hear or react to new things that will get new creative juices flowing. And my trusty Samsung notebook is definitely going to be there for me if the urge to write comes a calling.

     I will try to update this blog during our trip. You are all more than welcome to follow along.

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  1. Wow... this is so exciting. Can't wait to follow along in your adventures. Drive safe.