Friday, October 28, 2011

California Trip 19 & 20

Day 19

     So we decided to stay an extra day at the Supernatural Chicago convention to see Jared Padalecki and Jenson Ackles on stage panel.

     The actors were not due on stage till that afternoon, so we drove around and did a bit of shopping at Costco and Target.

     We headed back to the hotel for 2pm to pick up our picture from the previous days photo op with Misha Collins, which turned out pretty nice, considering the time we had to adjust for the picture. Unfortunately, I can't post the picture quite yet as we would need to scan the picture.

     The panel with Jared and Jenson was fun and entertaining. I truly enjoyed watching them tease and mock one another on stage, they were quite funny.

     We left Chicago shortly after the panel ended and made it back to Canada by midnight through the Sarnia Ontario borders and stopped for the night in London Ontario.

Day 20

     Our travels ended by 5pm Eastern time as we pulled into our driveway and we were finally home.

     It was nice sleeping in our own bed and to be amongst our own things, but the dread of work and responsibilities started to weigh heavily on our shoulders.

     Now it’s time to get back to our regular lives and start planning our next trip.

     Thank you for following along and keep coming back for upcoming posts and giveaways I'll be doing throughout the year.

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  1. We also ended up riding in an elevator with Sebastian Roché. :)