Wednesday, October 19, 2011

California Trip Day 10, 11 & 12

Day 10

     It was our first day in the parks. We decided to start at the California Adventures Park. It’s a small park with some sections still under construction, but it had many perks and had all of the magical Disney feeling I crave and love.
     Our day was filled with rides and theme park food. The Aladdin musical stage show was definitely worth it. The Genie was hilarious.

     The night time World of Color water show was spectacular. We also realized, once we arrived back at our hotel, that we could see the water show from our room. It was a slow day, but a relaxing one.

Day 11

     Disneyland Park, Walt’s Pride and joy, was more what we expected. It’s similar to Magic kingdom in Disney world. It was odd seeing the castle look so different.

     At the end of Main Street USA in Disney World, the view of Cinderella’s Castle is Iconic, but at Disneyland Sleeping Beauty’s castle is in its place. Sleeping Beauty’s castle is not as tall, but just as big, majestic and magical.

     It was an eventful day. We met Mickey and Minnie, Pluto and Goofy and became honorary Toontown Citizens for the day. I got to meet Princess Belle, Ariel and Tiana in Fantasyland and in Pixie Hollow, I met Iridessa, Vidia and Tink herself.


     We took a ride through the haunted house, where Jack from The Nightmare Before Christmas took us on a journey through his world, then we took a plunge down splash mountain and ran into Winnie the pooh and his gang. We stopped by to visit Rapunzel, but, unfortunately, Flynn wasn’t there.

We finished the day in downtown Disney again.

Day 12

     Our last day at Disney. We returned to California Adventures to see the Aladdin show again with the preferred passes we had forgot at the hotel the last time, then headed to Disneyland to do some shopping, eat a turkey leg and to see the Dreams come True fireworks show, which always gets me on the verge of tears ... yeah, yeah I know I’m weak, but when it comes to Disney, I’m a kid at heart.

     We then rushed across the park to see the Fantasmic show. Similar to the one at Disney World except in Disneyland there are no seats and the show is shown from Tom Sawyer Island, not its own amphitheatre.

     Overall Disney did not disappoint, I enjoyed it immensely and can’t wait to return someday.

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  1. So happy u enjoyed Disney. You would think living 2 & 1/2 hrs from our Disney that I would go often, not the, it just does not interest my hubby which sucks cause i luv Disney but one day I will get him there, we usually go to Universal's but one day I'm gonna just buy tickets and say "Surprise" & he will have no choice then......LOL. Glad y'all are having a blast *hugs*