Saturday, October 8, 2011

California Trip Day 3

     We have crossed our last time zone and are now in Winnemucca, Nevada for the night. Today was an eventful, but long day. The winds through the rest of Nebraska remained strong since yesterday, and once we crossed to Wyoming, we hit gusts that reached 70 miles per hour. We saw at least six transport trailers toppled over along the side of the WB I-80. Poor DH’s neck and back were killing him from keeping the car straight. The road stretched out for miles and miles with no end in sight. Until we hit the mountains in Utah.
Driving through the mountains
     It hadn’t dawned on me when planning this trip that we would be seeing the American tail of the Rocky Mountains. The downfall was that it was cold and there was snow ... yes, I said snow. We saw temps drop to 2 Celsius in mid afternoon, but the views were spectacular. The white peaks and the towering walls along the highway were just beautiful. Although, that also lasted for miles ... the way I see it ... if you’ve seen a few you’ve seen them all. Couldn’t wait to see what was next.

Spectacular view in the mountains
     Next we entered Nevada. What a change. The climate rose to around 12 Celsius and the roads, again, stretched out straight in front of us with nothing to see in the horizon but vast plains of desert/fields.

     Now we are about 6 hours away from the first destination of our trip, San Francisco and it’s about time, right? Really looking forward to it.

     I must say this is a once in a lifetime road trip ... as in we’ll only be doing this once!! But I’ll definitely be happy to say we did it.

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  1. Awesome pics Lucy:) wow 6 more hours that's awesome, enjoy day 4:)