Sunday, October 16, 2011

California Trip Day 8 & 9

Day 8

     Our first day in Hollywood was incredible. We began our day with a trip to Universal Studios Hollywood. Not as big as the one in Florida, but way more movie based in the sense that the back lot tour brings you through actual sets where they shoot movies and TV shows and are currently filming, for example, The Desperate Housewives series. That’s right, we actually toured Wisteria Lane.

     After doing some shopping and eating supper at Universal City Walk, we headed back to our hotel and decided that the night was still young, therefor, we took a 5 minute walk down to Hollywood Blvd. to look at the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame and visit the Chinese Theater where a movie premiere for The Pool Boys was currently going on. We didn’t get to see any actors, but it was fascinating to see. Once everyone cleared we were able to move closer and look at all the actor hand and shoe prints in the sidewalk in front of the theater.
     The whole experience was extremely surreal. I mean, I know the significance of Hollywood and the Chinese Theater, yet the reality of standing in front of the most popular theaters in the movie business wasn't hitting me.

Day 9

     The next day we walked back to Hollywood blvd to capture a few pictures of the Hollywood Sign before packing up our things and heading to the Santa Monica Pier. I was adamant about soaking my feet in the Pacific Ocean. I can now say that I’ve soaked my feet at both coasts of the United States (Honeymooned in Florida’s Daytona Beach and Disney World 2 years ago.)

     We spent a few hours visiting the sights, the beach and the pier where we ate at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. then headed to Disneyland, where Walt started it all. We arrived at approximately 5 pm. Not wanting to waste one day of our tickets on just an evening we headed to Downtown Disney where we had a fantastic New Orleans styled dinner and then dragged DH to the build-a-bear, something they don’t have at Disney World, and made myself a new friend named Patches.
     Another thing that Disney World doesn’t have that Disneyland does is a store where you can customize and build your own model car that you can also turn into a remote controlled car ... we’ll be doing that in the coming days.

We are having a fabulous time seeing the sights and are happy to be staying at Disney for the next three days.

Looking forward to report my next adventures in the next day or two...

Hope you are all enjoying my updates. Don’t be shy and comment below.

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  1. I am so envious... Glad you are taking it all in. Keep posts and photos coming.