Thursday, October 6, 2011

California Trip Day 2

     Another 1300 Kilometers later and we are now stopped for the night in Sydney Nebraska. Another time zone crossed, so it is now 9:30ish here, and back home most of our friends and family are sound asleep. Had an okay night at our last stop and saw something interesting in the parking lot before we left this morning.
Joey Legano's Trailer
One glimpse of the many fields of windmills in Iowa
     Today was more eventful. Listened to the first part of the Hunger Games audio book. (I've read the book but wanted DH to listen to it to see if he'd be interested in seeing the movie when it comes far, so good) In Iowa we crossed many windmills that were a spectacular view, yet once we hit Nebraska we suffered through winds of 55 kilometers per hour and a severe thunder shower that I was sure was going to push us off the road, yet my dear husband felt confident behind the wheel and told me I worry too much. We stopped for an early night, seeing as we are making good time with only 2000 Kilometers left to go.  If we put in another good day tomorrow we should be in San Francisco by mid afternoon on Saturday. 

     Goodnight everyone, we have another long day ahead of us tomorrow.


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  1. Not much longer getting closer. Woot-woot on the trailer. Enjoy day 3 travels:):)