Sunday, October 9, 2011

California Trip Day 4

     We have arrived at our destination. With only six hours left when we left this morning, we stopped in Reno, Nevada to gas up (no we did not stop to gamble) and crossed the borders of California at about one in the afternoon. One thing about Cali I wasn’t expecting, was climbing mountains and to be surrounded by snow once again. I mean come on its California ... who associates California with snow and ski hills?
Snowy Mountains of California
     We reached our hotel, the Best Western Tomo, at about 5 o’clock this afternoon. We settled in and had a Shabu Shabu dinner in the hotel’s restaurant. An all you can eat array of veggies, noodles and rib eye beef strips you cook yourself in a pot of boiling water that you can add an arrangement of spices and sauces to. It was extremely yummy. Might have to do that again.
Shabu Shabu Dinner at Cafe Mum's
     After supper, we took a quick walk around Japantown, where our hotel is located, and stopped at a restaurant in a nearby mall to have a drink, where DH tried his first Mojito.

     We found a great crêpe shop that would put one of our friend’s crêpes to shame. (Looking at you Spanky) We will be trying that in the morning for breakfast.

     Now it’s time to relax, sleep in and enjoy our vacation. Until tomorrow, Goodnight everyone.

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