Wednesday, October 19, 2011

California Trip Day 13 & 14

Day 13

     We left the magical world of Disney and headed to Las Vegas, the city of sin ... more like the city of boring unless you’re into night clubs and gambling or if you have tonnes of cash to spend on shows.

     Another downfall is that our fabulous Flamingo hotel and resort is not so fabulous after all. Out of all the hotels we stayed at on this trip, including the stops during our drive down, this was the dingiest—and I’ll admit a bit dirty—room yet.

     We took a walk down the strip looking for a restaurant, and we both felt herded down a street like cattle with no restaurant in view. We would have had to walk into to every resort, past the casinos, before finding any place to eat. So back to our hotel we went and had dinner at the Japanese restaurant downstairs, then locked ourselves in our room for the night.

     First impression of Vegas ... not impressed.

Day 14

     Day life in Vegas was a bit better. We slept in, then ventured out to grab some lunch, did some shopping at the shops in our hotel, and perused a mall across the street before stopping for supper at the Cheesecake factory. You know ... the restaurant where Penny from The Big Bang Theory TV show works. The food was yummy.

     Throughout the day, we also fell in love with Caesar’s Palace Spanish Steps, an outdoor bar in the center of a vast terrace where they serve all kinds of frozen drinks. A fun fact about Vegas is that you can bring your drink anywhere with you even back to your hotel.
     We ended our day at our quaint Spanish Steps bar then went back to our hotel for an early night as we are getting up early to head to the Hoover Dam in the morning.

     So far ... Vegas, not so miserable, but I wouldn’t come back.

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  1. We will be staying at the Treasure Island across from the Flamingo... and plan on doing alot of walking. Lots to see in Vegas. Only there for 4 days and then we hit the desert for a week to do some hiking and horseback riding. Can't wait. Did you not take in all the free shows on the strip? Or visit Freemont Ave, the old Vegas. I hear that is worth the trip. We don't plan on gambling or drinking so we will be looking for all the free shows, bright lights, and experiences we can get during our short stay there.