Saturday, October 22, 2011

California Trip Day 15, 16, 17 & 18

Day 15

     On our last day in Vegas, we woke up early and headed out to the Hoover Dam. We took the power plant tour and learned about the amazing history behind the building of the dam. Up close the view was impressive.

     Back at the hotel we took it easy for the afternoon. Gambled, had a few drinks, enjoyed what was left of our time in Vegas, then made our way to the Bellagio Hotel for a Cirque du Soleil show, “O”. Putting aside the drunken guy who kicked me and the woman who kept flinging her long dreadlocks in my face, I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

Day 16

     We were up, packed and ready to go before dawn, as we had a long day’s drive back through the desert and up through the mountains toward our next destination.
     Crossing them through Colorado, the Rockies were much more of a challenge this time around. The car lost power, and both DH and I were short of breath. I even started feeling light headed. Neither of us could understand it until I saw the sign ahead of us. Welcome to Vail Summit, altitude 10,603ft above sea level. Well, that explained it. Once we started descending, everything got back to normal. We finally stopped for the night in Ogallala Nebraska at around 11pm.

Day 17

     Another long drive and we finally arrived in Chicago at 11pm. 2 things we learned during that day’s travels. Finding change for tolls can get aggravating, and long drives through Iowa and Illinois will render 2 travelers insane. Over exhaustion and never ending roads had us laughing like hyenas at absolutely nothing. A good night sleep in one of the nicest rooms we had yet took care of our sanity.

Day 18

Misha Collins AKA Castiel & Matt Cohan
     Our first day at the Supernatural Convention was enjoyable. The actor panels were extremely entertaining, but unfortunately, I found the Q & A’s a bit unorganized and childish. It’s was incredible seeing Misha Collins on stage, but again the questions being asked were childish, and un-entertaining example...” If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?” ... come on people! How about, “how did you get the part?” or “where do you aspire your acting career to take you?” Now those would have been more appropriate, but hey, we still enjoyed it.

    The photo op with Misha was a little disappointing, I mean, I expected to be rushed through the session, but the factory assembly line they created was ridiculous. We barely got 5 seconds with the guy, and I don’t even know if my eyes were open during the picture, hell did I even have the time to turn my head to look at the camera? The woman at the door almost jumped me for taking the time to say thank you before moving toward the door and this lovely 5 second experience cost us 75 bucks. In my opinion, they should sell less photo op tickets and give everyone at least 30 seconds to say hi to the actors before getting thrown out the door.
Matt Cohen AKA Young John Winchester

Richard Speight AKA Trickster/Gabriel
Hopefully the picture turns out, we will know tomorrow at 2pm once they are available for pick up.

Oh well ...


  1. Wow... Nevada and through the Colorado desert mountains... just where Ray and I want to go this March break. Except we will hopefully camp and hike. Thanks for posting about your trip. It's fun following you.

  2. You really do have a knack for writing and bringing people in thru your experiences. Luv reading your posts.:)